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An introductory overview of the Directorate of Housing

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The issue of obtaining adequate housing is a basic need that a person always seeks to satisfy in various ways and means, and it is one of his most important preoccupations as it preserves his dignity and freedom so that he can move towards horizons of activity and creativity in various areas of life to become an effective contributing element to the development and well-being of society.
Realizing the importance of this, the state decided to create the Directorate of Housing by Resolution (39) of 2001 to represent the Ministry of Construction and Housing in activities related to the housing sector, and its tasks were defined as follows:
  • Proposing the necessary annual, interim and long-term plans for housing in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Providing consultations in the field of housing studies to state Directorates and the socialist, mixed, cooperative and private sectors, to ensure the implementation of housing projects.
  • Implementing public housing projects included in the annual housing plans through:
 * Public companies of the Ministry.
 * Socialist, mixed and private sector companies.
4-Technical monitoring of housing projects with the aim of ensuring the implementation of programs and projects at the required qualitative level according to principles determined by the Directorate and subject to the approval of the Minister of Construction and Housing.
5- Determine appropriate construction techniques in implementing annual plans related to housing projects.
6- Approving the designs of housing units and service networks for the sites of housing projects submitted by investors to state Directorates and the socialist, mixed, cooperative and private sectors.
7- Contributing to proposals for housing legislation.
8-The investor in housing projects in state Directorates and the socialist, mixed, cooperative and private sectors is obligated to obtain the Directorate’s approval for the designs for the housing units and service networks for the housing project sites.
9- The Directorate adopts the following to achieve its goals:
-Approving designs for land use at housing project sites in accordance with the rules of basic designs for urban centers.
-Funding and sponsoring studies and research related to housing and the materials included in it.
-Organizing scientific conferences and seminars related to housing.
– Participation in Arab, regional and international organizations related to housing.
– Contributing to spreading awareness among citizens regarding maintenance and construction of shelter.
-Contracting with state Directorates, the socialist sector, experts, and relevant advisory offices inside and outside Iraq to assist in performing the tasks assigned to it.
-Looking for ways to control the cost of housing.