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The Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Public Municipalities, announces the tender numbered 1/2023, which is included in the investment budget plan number (4-3-1-37) for the year 2023 and in the manner of the public tender according to the standard document and in the Arabic language for the project of implementing the supplementary works for the residential complex in the governorate of (Anbar/Heet) at an estimated cost of (54.439.273.100) Fifty-four billion, four hundred and thirty-nine million, two hundred and seventy-three, one hundred thousand dinars, and nothing else.
Those wishing to participate in the tender from classified companies and contractors and Arab and foreign companies with experience and competence (who meet the requirements mentioned below in addition to the requirements of the standard documents contained in the tender documents) should visit the headquarters of the Directorate to obtain the tender documents (under the original classification identity according to the requirements below) for an amount of (5.000.000) five million dinars, which are not refundable. Except for sober foreign companies, they are provided with the tender documents free of charge, and the validity period of the tender is 90 days, noting that the tender announcement period is 28 days, starting from Tuesday, 4/4/2023 and the last date for selling the tender documents will be on Tuesday, corresponding to May 2, 2023, and the date for closing the tender and opening the bid is 12 o’clock noon on Sunday, corresponding to May 7, 2023., and bids will be open publicly on the same closing day and in front of bidders .If the opening day coincides with an official holiday, it will be postponed to the next day, and any bid submitted after the tender date will be neglected, and the winner of the tender will bear the publishing and advertising fees. The contracting authority is also not obligated to accept the lowest bids based on the instructions for implementing government contracts No. (2) of 2014, and the Directorate is not obligated to grant an operational advance.
The participants shall submit their bids in closed and sealed envelopes bearing the name of the bidder, his email address, telephone number, and the name and number of the tender, and hand them over to an employee of the Bid Opening Committee at the Directorate’s headquarters on the first floor / Bid Opening Committee.
A special conference will be held to answer the inquiries of the participants in the tender at 10 in the morning) of the day (Wednesday) on May 3, 2023, at the headquarters of the Directorate of Housing, on the ground floor, in the meeting room.
Taking into account that the bidder meets the requirements listed below:

Governmental companies with specializations wishing to participate in the tender It is also entitled to enter into partnerships with Arab and foreign companies and institutions in accordance with Paragraph (Third) of Article (15) of Public Companies Law No. (22) of 1997 and its amendments.

B/ contracting companies with a classification of “excellent / construction” registered in accordance with “Instructions for Registration and Classification of Contracting Companies and Contractors No. (1) of 2015 (original + copy).

C / Companies with classification (initial/ construction), two or more of them have the right to merge a partnership contract (one) jointly documented before the notary public as a prerequisite for participation, and none of them may withdraw or waive the partnership contract at all stages of the project, starting from the submission of the tender until the end of the maintenance period.

D/ Arab and foreign companies wishing to participate in the tender must meet the following conditions:
a- The company should be specialized in construction works, and the date of its incorporation should not be less than five years.
b- presenting a certificate of incorporation of the company attested by the concerned authority in Iraq.
The company must have a registered branch in Iraq with the Ministry of Commerce’s Companies Registrar Directorate or a commercial representation office, taking into account the provisions of Regulation No. (5) of 1989.
d- The company, in the case of submitting works executed outside Iraq, must submit these documents and obtain authentication from the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Iraqi Embassy in the country in which these works were carried out.

Project Description
The Heet residential complex is located on an area of (50 dunums) and consists of 54 residential buildings, all of one class, each building consists of four floors, and each floor contains two residential units, so the total number of residential units is 432. The area of one housing unit is 150 m2.
It also consists of service buildings (kindergarten, primary school, middle school, secondary school, market, mosque, telephone exchange, health center, administrative room, and two guard rooms). In addition, it consists of site works (streets, sidewalks, squares, gardens, walkways, corridors, a heavy water network, a telephone network, an electricity power network, a pure water and fire network, heavy water treatment unit, a rainwater network, a pure water pumping station, and a fence around the site and games for children).
The percentage of damages occurring at the site as a result of the military operations for liberation is 59%.
The percentage of extinction occurring in the site as a result of the long downtime is (5%)
The percentage of remaining unexecuted works is 26%.

Documents to be submitted with the bid:

1- A clearance from the General Commission for Taxes addressed to the Directorate of Housing and in the original copy
2- A valid classification identity issued by the Ministry of Planning, illustrating the new plastic model.
3- The certificate of incorporation of the company and a valid license to practice the profession.
4- Identity of the Contractors Union
5- A list of the similar works executed for the bidder, provided that they are supported by the relevant authorities, and submitting what supports the completion of the work and the level of implementation, provided that it is not less than two similar works and close to the contracting amount.
6- Primary insurance at a rate of (544,392,731) percent of the estimated cost amount, in the form of a letter of guarantee valid for a period of three months, or a certified check or a bill of exchange.
7- A list of the machines and equipment owned by the bidder with proof of their belonging to him, and in the case of leasing, proof of this shall be submitted.
8- a list of the bidder’s employees, especially the engineering technical staff with specialization, who are proposed to be used to implement the project, along with copies of their contracts and according to the required expertise, and they shall be certified by the Engineers Association.
9- The final accounts for the last three years (2019-2020-2021), in addition to the final accounts that include the expenses and revenues of similar business projects submitted by the contractor and checking the numbers contained therein with each of the fixed assets owned by the bidder and the size of the staff working with him, were certified by a qualified accountant.
10- Receipt of the tender documents.
11- Partnership contract, in case there is a partnership contract duly authenticated by a notary public directorate.
12- Provide an undertaking that the contractor is not on the blacklist or that he has pending cases before the courts regarding the works carried out by him, as indicated in the standard document of the project above.
13- The residence card with the civil status identity or the unified national card and with a letter of withholding the ration card.
14- Bank statement, certified by the bank, valid until December 31, 2021.
15- The full address of the company, which contains the coordinates of the place, phone number, and e-mail, as well as the full address of the company manager director residence.
16-In case more than one tenderer participates in submitting one bid for the implementation of the contract, they shall be jointly and severally responsible for its implementation, provided that a duly approved partnership contract is submitted with the bid.
17-The contracting party may cancel the tender before issuance of the referral letter based on justified reasons without compensating the bidders.
18-Obliging the bidders to write down the prices of the bid Paragraph bill quantities and its total amount in printed form, numerically and in writing.
19- for Bidders, it shall not be possible to delete or scratch any item in tender documents or make any amendments to them.
20- it shall not be possible to Employees of state departments and public sectors to participate in tenders, directly or indirectly, taking into consideration the provisions of the valid legislation.
21-Submit the following data: the certificate of incorporation, the Paragraph of incorporation, the company bylaws, and an authorization letter.
By reviewing and signing, the identity of the contractor classification, the identity of the Chamber of Commerce, the license to practice the profession, and a certificate
Incorporation and a license to practice the profession officially issued by the competent authorities for foreign companies
officially licensed foreign contractors, and submitting any other data in accordance with the tender valid conditions and legislation.

22- it Depends on the written price in case it varies with the numbered price as well as on the unit price
if the price of the Paragraph is not correct, or if a one Paragraph or more that was writing without their prices in the submitted bid
In this case, the cost of that Paragraph or more than one it will be included within the written quantities’ limits of the Total tender price.

23- The person to whom the tender is awarded shall bear the publishing wages with all taxes and fees imposed by the laws.
24- it shall not be possible for the manger director of more than one company to submit more than one bid per tender.
25-The designs, maps, and specifications prepared by the contracting authority shall belong to the employer, except in special cases and with the approval of the head of the contracting authority.

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