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The Directorate of Housing organizes a symposium with Jotun Paints Company

The Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, in cooperation with Jotun Paints Company, organized this Sunday morning 17-10-2021, a specialized symposium entitled (Modern Paint Technology and Green Buildings) attended by the senior management of the Directorate, department heads, and a number of department employees with engineering specialization, delivered by Eng. Zaid Amer, representative of Jotun Paints Company.

The engineer talked about the technology of dyes and the components involved in the dyeing industry and modern finishing techniques. During the symposium, he reviewed the types of dyes and their uses, including external and internal, environmentally friendly and zero-emission gases used in schools and hospitals. He also talked about green buildings and their benefits and additions provided by dyes in this field and the advantage of reducing gas emissions and increasing the comfort of its residents, and time of the symposium was also allotted to the scientific and engineering discussion of modern technology methods that are used as alternatives to traditional methods.

At the end of the symposium, the representative of Jotun Paints Company thanked the Directorate of Housing. The senior management of the Directorate also thanked Eng. Zaid Amer, the representative of the Jotun Paints Company for his information and modern technological methods, whereby their products can be used in the future in the field of the Directorate Directorate’s work.

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