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Al Hamza Al Sharqi Project

Project name: Al Hamza Al Sharqi

Governorate: Diwaniyah

The Executing Company: Al Bued Al Raabie and Difaf Al Nahrayn Contracting Company

Contract cost for the project (in millions): 54,702

Contract cost for the project after appeal: Adopting the prices of the non-executed paragraphs in the quantities table under the original contract

Total spare parts orders in million: 2,877

Contract duration (day): 912

Total additional periods: 0

Total stops/day: 1446

Date of commencement under the contract: 16/6/2019

Date of resumption of work: 16/6/2019

New period after resumption/day: 611 + stops

The new completion date in light of the appeal: 16/2/2021

Financial achievement percentage: 41.00%

Planned completion rate: 43.75%

Technical achievement percentage

Actual before appeal: 36.30%

Previous Actual: 37.3%

Current Actual: 40.5%

Deviation: 3.25%

Observations of problems, obstacles and the current project situation: The project was started on 16/6/2019 according to our letter 7371 on 3/6/2019.. The contract extension was signed with the company executing the project according to our letter 11207 on 9/9/2019. The work progress program submitted by the executing company was approved. The executing company was urged to intensify efforts by working with our letter 11366 on 11/11/2021.

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