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Dawr Alaskan Project

Project name: dawr alaskan
Governorate: Diwaniyah
The Executing Company: Al-Mansour Company and the Turkish Serhat Company
Contract cost for the project (in millions): 29.59
Contract cost for the project after appeal: Adopting the prices of the non-executed paragraphs in the quantities table under the original contract
Total spare parts orders in million: 2,722
Contract duration (day): 911
Total additional periods: 0
Total stops/day: 1470
Date of commencement under the contract: 16/6/2019
Date of resuming work: 15/9/2019
New period after resumption/day: 585 + stops
The new completion date in light of the appeal: 21/1/2021
Financial achievement percentage: 37.00%
Planned completion rate: 63.00%
Technical achievement percentage
Actual before appeal: 39.00%
Previous Actual : 39.50%
Actual current: 44.6%
Deviation: 19.00%
Observations of problems and obstacles and the position of the current project:
The project was started on 15/9/2019 and as stated in the letter of the resident engineer department for the project No. 71 on 22/9/2019.. The contract annex was signed with the company executing the project according to our letter 10380 on 22/8/2019. Currently, the work is going very slowly due to the lack of financial allocations. A warning letter was sent to the executing company in our letter 2516 on 3/16/2021 with the need to raise the pace of work and overcome the deviation rate. The general manager’s approval was obtained to grant Al-Mansour companies and its partner Sarhat company a one-month grace period starting from 10/1/2021 to intensify efforts and raise the pace of work and the percentage of completion.

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