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Al-Zubair project in Al-Basra governorate

Project name: Al-Zubair

Governorate: Basra

The Executing Company: Al-Bilad and Al-Jazeera Contracting Company

Contract cost for the project (in millions): 119,416

Contract cost for the project after appeal:

Total spare parts orders in million: 2.357

Contract duration (day): 913

Total additional periods: 463

Total stops/day: stopped

Date of commencement under the contract: 24/7/2012

Work resume date:

New period after resumption/day: – + stops

The new completion date in light of the appeal: –

Financial achievement percentage: 68.99%

Planned completion rate: 97.00%

Technical achievement percentage: 65.70

Actual before appeal: 65.70%

Previous Actual: 65.70%

Actual current: 65.7%

Deviation: 31.30%

Observations of the problems and obstacles and the position of the current project: The contract was terminated by a court ruling and the Directorate’s intention is to re-announce the project and include it within the investment plan for the coming years, as indicated in our letter 3281 on 8/4/2021

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