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computer maintenance

The Planning and Follow-up Department /Training and Development Division in the Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, organized a training course entitled (computer maintenance). The course curriculum was lectured by Mr. Nabeel Adnan Nassif and Eng. Taha Issa Sabah. In the course, the importance of computer maintenance and several topics and themes were discussed, and the focus was on communicating theoretical and practical information, which is one of the essences of maintenance work.

The course curriculum include:


  1. Introduction (Concepts and Definitions): Defining the process of maintaining the computer and its components (hardware and software) and providing a brief and adequate explanation of it.
  2. Steps for checking malfunctions and problems and their solutions.
  3. Types of hard disks and their characteristics and the importance of focusing on using the best type in the computer to ensure the smooth running of programs.
  4. The most important service programs used in maintenance and how to save original copies of programs and ways to activate them.
  5. How to install copies of Windows on flash RAM, boot methods, partition hard disks, and formats.
  6. Solid antivirus software, which ensure the smooth running of the computer, speed it up and get rid of temporary files that slow down the work of the device.


The course was concluded by conducting a theoretical and practical test for the participants, adding the degree of interaction of the participant and a commitment to daily attendance.

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