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Al-Suniyah housing project in Al-Diwaniyah governorate

99% achievement achieved by the Directorate of Housing in Al-Suniyah housing project in Al-Diwaniyah under the guidance of the engineer (Nazanin Muhammad Wasu), the Minister of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, and under the supervision and continuous follow-up of the project from the engineer (Haider Al-Mayali), the Director General of the Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry. The work by the executing companies is progressing well and according to the required technical specifications, and the project is one of the projects concerned with the Iraqi family and its comfort. The residential complex consists of 65 houses, and the area of ​​the house is 150 m2,and the house contains two floors with 3 different rooms and their accessories, using the brick building system, as well as service works are available in the residential complex from a rainwater drainage station, sidewalks and organized streets.

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