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Urgent Meeting

Engineer Haider Fadel Al-Mayali, Director General of the Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, held an urgent meeting on Wednesday 12/1/2022 on the government’s priorities and projects, in the presence of the assistant director general and heads of departments.

Al-Mayali gave a brief explanation of the mechanism for filling out the form on government priorities, in light of the interventions and observations made by the heads of departments.

Al-Mayali stressed the importance of this subject and the need for a quick and thoughtful response to the information and suggestions that will be included in this form, as this process is an important proposal for the Housing Directorate’s vision in executing the new government’s priorities.

It is worth noting that the meeting focused on the Directorate of Housing preparing its vision regarding the government’s priorities in the field of reconstruction and infrastructure as shown below:

-Establishment of housing units amounting to 100,000 housing units and distributing them to poor and needy families in accordance with the decisions of the National Housing Council.

-Establishment of 10 new cities outside the design of the foundation for the overcrowded governorate centers and providing adequate housing and job opportunities to improve the standard of living within 3 years of forming the government.

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