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Shatt Al Arab 2 Project

Project name: Shatt Al Arab 2

Governorate: Basra

Executing Company: Stratos Corporation

Contract cost for the project (in millions): 159,256

Contract cost for the project after appeal: Adopting the prices of the unimplemented paragraphs in the bill of quantities under the original contract

Total spare parts orders in million: 232,0

Contract duration (day): 820

Total additional periods: 0

Total stops/day: 1598

Date of commencement under the contract: 26/12/2012

Date of resuming work: 29/8/2019

New period after resumption/day: 590 + stops

The date of the new completion in the light of the appeal: 26/1/2021

Financial achievement percentage: 18.89%

Planned completion rate: 56.12%

Technical achievement percentage:

Actual before appeal: 33.24%

Previous Actual: 33.24%

Actual current: 33.4%

Deviation: 22.72%

Observations of problems and obstacles and the position of the current project: The project was started on August 29, 2019 as stated in the letter of the resident engineer directorate No. 11 on August 29, 2019. The contract extension was signed with the company executing the project according to our letter 10382 on 22/8/2019.

The project was stopped in October 2019 due to the demonstrations, which led to the withdrawal of the executing company to Iran due to the security situation. A meeting was held with the company executing the project recently for the purpose of starting work and it is now in the process of preparing the site.


Work was resumed on the site on 27/4/2021, as the executing company was urged to increase the pace of work according to our letter 6849 on 7/8/2021.

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