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Al-Tajiyat residential complex project

Engineer Haider Fadel Al-Mayali, Director General of the Directorate of Housing, visited one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, this Monday morning, 28/3/2022, Al-Tajiyat residential complex project. And he was accompanied during his tour of the project by Mr. Jayed Ali Jayed, the resident engineer for the project, Dr. Zainab Salman, the head of the Investment Division, and Mr. Muhannad Muhammad Mohsen, Director of Relations and Information Division in the Directorate, and a number of their cadres, to find out the merits of the project and the progress of work in it.

The Director General directed: During the visit, all project workers, to abide by all instructions and directives, and to exert all efforts and capabilities.

He commended the work with some observations in the aspect of engineering and technical specialization, and what is directly related to the success of the work and avoiding future problems.

At the end of the visit, Mayali stressed a number of important issues, including that his door is open to all, in order to overcome all obstacles and solve problems facing the progress of work, because the project is one of the vital projects that serve a large number of citizens, and because the housing aspect is one of the most important living requirements.

The project is executed by Sections General Contracting Company , with a completion rate of 33.1%, and the number of housing units amounted to (1392) apartments, type (a) with (45) buildings, (16) apartments of different sizes and type (b) with (28) buildings, (24) ) apartment of different sizes, with six models of types of apartments, currently executed and designed in the style of (Doplex / two floors), the first floor has service rooms (reception, kitchen, and health units), and the second floor has a private room (bedrooms and an integrated health unit), as this type of design provides the feeling of the Iraqi family that they live in an independent house. It is divided into different areas:

– Apartment type (A) with an area of ​​159 m2 _ Apartment type (A +) with an area of ​​​​161 m2

Apartment type (B) with an area of ​​130 m2 – Apartment type (B +) with an area of ​​137 m2

Apartment type (C) with an area of ​​116 m2 – Apartment type (C +) with an area of ​​118 m2

The project description: The technology used in the execution is (ICF) the technology of isolated concrete blocks, a modern technology that the Ministry has taken great care of in establishing modern residential complexes, which would provide adequate housing for all beneficiaries of the complex’s occupants, which is executed by the investment method, which is a modern and successful method in the establishment of residential complexes.

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