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A training course entitled (High Strength Concrete Using Additives)

Within the training plan of Planning and Follow-up Department in the Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, Training and Development Division organized a training course entitled (High-strength concrete using additives). The target group was engineers and workers in the field of on-site execution and concrete production plants.
The aim of the course was: to acquaint the participants with the benefits and components of concrete and their impact on the structural and architectural design of buildings. The course axes were delivered by Eng. Hassan Ali Jaber, which includes:
1. A brief history of the beginning of using this type of concrete
2. Basic concepts of high strength concrete.
3. The idea of high-strength concrete and its production method
4. Raw materials required for the production of high strength concrete 5. The mechanism of adding additives of both types, chemical and mineral, and their effect on the properties of high-strength concrete
6. Comparison between the properties of high strength concrete and ordinary concrete
7. Designing a high-strength concrete mix using additives according to the American method (ACI_Mmethod).
The course concluded with a test for all participants.

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