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The Directorate of Housing organizes a training course entitled (Preparation of Basic Designs for Cities)

The Planning and Follow-up Department / Training and Development Division in the Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, organized a training course entitled (Preparation of Basic Designs for Cities) for the period from 20/24/8/2023. A number of employees from the Directorate’s headquarters and the Ministry’s formations participated in it.
The two lecturers in the course (Eng. Zeina Habib) and (Eng. Ejalal Hassan Aziz) touched on several axes, including:
1. Introduce participants to how to develop urban planning horizons for cities and reduce the phenomenon of slums.
2. Definition of basic design terms for cities in general.
3. Knowing the basic rules for city planning, including the city of Baghdad, and the historical sequence of the stages of basic design since 1920 until 2023.
The course concluded with an exam for the participants.

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