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The Directorate of Housing organizes a course entitled (Internal Audit of the Quality System QMS)

Planning and Follow-up Department / Training and Development Division in the Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, organized a course entitled (Internal Audit of the Quality Management System QMS) according to the requirements of the guiding standard for auditing management systems (ISO 19011: 2018) for the period from (27 / 8 until 31/8/2023.
The course program was presented by Mr. (Ahmed Abdel-Zahra Ali / Senior Manager) / director of the Quality Management Division in the Directorate, as the program included a definition of the requirements of the international standard: (ISO 9001: 2015) as well as the knowledge and skills required in the process of internal auditing of the quality management system according to the requirements of the guiding specification for auditing management systems (ISO 19011:2018).
A number of employees of the Ministry’s formations participated in the course, and the lecturer touched on the benefits of applying the quality management system, especially since the Directorate of Housing holds the international quality certificate from the awarding company (INFINTY). The lecturer also presented an integrated curriculum related to the basic concepts of the standard and the role of internal audit in addressing deviations and raising the efficiency of performance in general in the Directorate. The course included several training workshops on the application of the system and internal auditing. It is noteworthy that the Directorate of Housing has been organizing training and development courses, workshops and seminars to improve the job performance of its employees in all specializations.

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