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The Directorate of Housing organizes a workshop entitled (Investment Challenges in the Housing Sector) in cooperation with the Training and Development Center

In cooperation with the Training and Development Center, the Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, organized a workshop entitled (Investment Challenges in the Housing Sector) Dr. Zainab Salman presented the most important investment challenges represented in:
1. Absence of proper planning in granting investment licenses.
2. Not specifying the beneficiaries, the role of banks, and the initiative of the Central Bank.
3. Selection of residential sites.
4. The technical and qualitative level of residential investment projects.
The lecturer in the workshop, Dr. Jamal Baqir Mutlaq (teacher at the Urban and Regional Planning Center for Postgraduate Studies at the University of Baghdad) gave an introductory presentation on the dimensions of the housing problem, the challenges facing the investment process, and a diagnosis of causes and effects. He touched on the housing problem of development, the economic concept of housing, and the ability to afford housing costs, with an overview of selected models for housing investment projects. The workshop concluded with issuing a set of recommendations and possible solutions to address the housing problem.

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