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Residential investment complex project in Amriya

The Council of Ministers resolved the issue of the delay in work on Amriya residential project and issued two decisions on the project, the first of which was No. 23634, in the Council of Ministers session on 7/11/2023. The second was No. 23651 in the Council of Ministers session on 14/11/2023.

With exceptional efforts by the Minister of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, Mr. Bengin Rekani, the Council of Ministers adopted the issue and issued the two decisions to allow the Ministry and the National Investment Authority to resolve the issue, as an exception to the tender requirements mentioned in Paragraph 3 of Resolution 245 of 2019.

The two decisions were received today and the Minister directed us to immediately begin taking the necessary measures to complete the complex, complete the settlement with the previous company, and contract with serious investors to complete the project according to conditions that guarantee speedy completion and preserve the rights of registrants. At the same time, the Minister directed that urgent measures be taken to complete Nasiriyah Residential Investment Complex, and we will provide a statement to the Minister of the project requirements to take the appropriate decision to resume work on it urgently.

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