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public job course

The Planning and Follow-up Department/Training and Development Division in the Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, organized a public job course, and the course curriculum was delivered by Mr. Ihsan Khaled Sabri and Karam Safa Omran, the course addressed the importance of training and developing employees and qualifying them to occupy higher positions and jobs in state institutions, the course also aims to raise the ability of employees to perform their duties optimally and to be familiar with the regulations and laws governing the job.

The course was attended by staff at the Directorate’s headquarters and some of the Ministry’s formations.

The course included important details in defining what a public job is, explaining the State and Public Sector Employees Discipline Law No. 14 of 1991, identifying the strategy for combating administrative and financial corruption in public institutions, as well as explaining the terms of appointment, bonuses, promotions, transfer, placement, retirement, resignation, allowances, and vacations, and explaining the language of official letters and administrative correspondence, and the common mistakes in official correspondence, and the explanation of Civil Service Law No. 24 of 1960 and the amended Law of Discipline of State and Public Sector Employees No. 22 of 2008

The course was concluded with a written test for the participating employees, with a commitment to daily attendance.

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