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international quality certificate (ISO 9001:2015)

In recognition of the tireless efforts of the senior management, represented by the Director-General (Engineer Haider Fadel Al-Mayali), the Assistant Director-General (Mr. Nabil Ghazi Thajil), and the directors of the departments in the Directorate, to achieve the highest rates of quality, development and improvement, and to apply the requirements of international standards.

The Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, obtained the international quality certificate according to the requirements of the international standard (ISO 9001:2015), which is a certificate of conformity to the quality management system (QMS) applied and approved in the Directorate, for all its activities represented by (authentication, preparation of designs and supervision on the execution of housing complex projects).

In accordance with the requirements of the ISO specification and compliance with international and local conditions and standards and housing standards, within the framework of the certificate preservation program adopted by the Directorate, to achieve its new vision.

It is based on four pillars:

Electronic transformation, investment in human resources, innovation in technical and administrative processes, and development of the construction industry to serve residential production.

And to adopt the use of local raw materials, and to set standards for the production and import of construction materials, with the granting of customs facilities and tax exemptions, to motivate workers in this field.

The Directorate of Housing had previously obtained the International Quality Certificate in 2017 in March 2022, after implementing the detailed, intensive and comprehensive second annual external audit executed by the International Standards Company for Quality Systems Management / representative of the awarding company Infinity.

Mr. (Jamal Ahmed Safouk / the authorized director of the company) attended the directorate, and carried out the second annual audit process on 14/3/2022, and the documents of the applied quality management system supported by objective evidence of effective application were examined, which proved the application of the Directorate of Housing specification standards (ISO 9001: 2015 and the awarding body recommended the extension of the international quality certificate.

On (29/3/2022) the International Quality Certificate for the Quality Management System was received in accordance with the requirements of the international standard (ISO 9001:2015), by Engineer Haider Fadel Al-Mayali, Director General of the Directorate, in the presence of the Director of the Quality Management Division, Mr. (Ahmed Abdel-Zahra Ali) and the quality staff, who in turn stressed that obtaining ISO accreditation is an important step in implementing the plans set to enhance excellence, development and improvement of performance in the Directorate in general and making a qualitative leap in the Directorate’s work mechanisms, noting that this certificate is one of the Directorate’s development mechanisms,

During the next stage, the Directorate will work to implement and adopt the highest international standards to promote innovation and continuous improvement of its work mechanisms, in the service of the country and the citizen.

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