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The Directorate of Housing: organizes a symposium entitled (Quality Management Systems and Their Effective Applications)

On Tuesday 29/11/2022, the Quality Management Division in the Directorate of Housing, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, organized a symposium entitled (Quality Management Systems and Their Effective Applications).
The symposium was delivered by Dr. Ali Al-Zubaidi, an expert in integrated management systems for Integrated Management Systems Associates. The symposium was attended by Dr. Ismail Al-Qazzaz and Mr. Saeed Al-Nayef, consultants in the field of management systems and director of the Quality Management Department, and a number of quality representatives in the Ministry and its formations.
The doctor touched on the development of the concept of quality and what is the purpose of quality management systems, the role of standards in the application of management systems, the practical application of quality management systems and the process of evaluating matches and issuing certificates and Arabic translations “challenges”.
The objective of the seminar was to ensure effective understanding of the concept of “quality” and “quality management system” and its effective applications.
In conclusion, the senior management of the Directorate of Housing thanked the lecturer, Dr. Ali Al-Zubaidi, for the arrangement, methods of presentation, and the amount of valuable information that was presented during the symposium.

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